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February's Special Offers & News

Stanton's monthly newsletter brings you valuable information related to radon along with periodic deals and incentives for solving radon or crawlspace problems. Please enjoy the following and let us know what you think--we look forward to hearing from you!


in this month's newsletter:

  • Q & A of the month: How often should I re-test my radon levels?

  • February's Special Offer: Free upgrade on crawlspace liner

  • The Random File: The Watras Incident



My radon mitigation system has been installed. How often should I re-test my radon levels?


The EPA recommends testing approximately every 2 years after a functioning, tested radon mitigation system has been installed, OR if any changes in structure or living arrangements have occurred, such as building an addition or using a basement as a living space.


Special Offers for February

Mention this February newsletter to receive a free upgrade from standard to our Heavy-Duty 20-mil Crawlspace Liner.*

*Limited to 1500 sqft and may not be combined with other offers. One upgrade per customer only. Does not apply to new construction in progress.


The Random File

The Watras Incident

In 1984, engineer Stanley Watras walked into work at the Limerick power plant in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and promptly triggered the radiation monitoring alarms. The power plant was still under construction, and there was nothing radioactive that Watras could have been exposed to. 

After an examination, a team of specialists was sent to Watras' home, and discovered that the house, where his wife and children lived with him, had an astonishing radon level of 2,700 pCi/L

Remember, the EPA suggests managing radon to a level of 4.0 pCi/L or lower. The shocked Watras family was immediately evacuated...

Read more about the Watras story:

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